Has Earth’s Missing Heat Been Found?

Has Earth’s Missing Heat Been Found? – http://huff.to/1AEE0vU

Clowns.  What missing heat?  Is this a Koch Brothers paid ad?

Water has nine times the heat capacity of land per unit and the transfer of heat goes much deeper in water than on land.

So around 99% of the heat capacity at earth’s surface is in the water, not the land.

Generally speaking though, when we measure temperature, we measure specifically the air temperature at ground level, most often near population centers with really spotty monitoring elsewhere.

We’ve also known for a long time that hot air rises.

That is, it goes up out of the area that we’re measuring really carefully and other air gets sucked in to replace it through convection.

We measure that trivial fraction of a percent of earth’s heat capacity that is most important to us, although it is the least stable measure.  The surface temperature of air is all over the place on any given day.

Over the long run, there will also be changes in deep heat storage at land surfaces. 

Generally if you go down around 15 meters there is no change in temperature over the year.

But if there are year round increases in temperature in the layers above, eventually that is going to affect areas that wouldn’t vary year round under normal conditions.  Heat is a transitive kind of thing and the depth where there normally wouldn’t be a change, that isn’t because of a barrier.  It’s because normally by the time the summer heat works down, the season is changing.  But heat consistently stored on a larger timescale will continue to work down, as a matter of physics.

That is, the amount of heat storage could expand over a long time scale. 

These are things you can work out in a few minutes, I don’t see why anybody would be worked up over this non-problem.  


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