Marco Rubio & the GOP’s Reckless Shutdown Politics

Marco Rubio & the GOP’s Reckless Shutdown Politics –

Rubio is spineless, he’ll never be their leader, and he has none of his own ideas, so I don’t see why he gets so much attention.

This matches a pattern orchestrated by the right wing in Egypt and Ukraine to bring down democracies in those places, artificially make things bad to try to justify a takeover.

With the increasing police militarization and storage of increasing numbers of tanks and heavy weapons, increasing presence of thought police gathering information on everybody on a very thin premise of stopping terrrorism, it looks obvious to me where they want to go.  The tactics of Goebbels have been used since 2001 and with increasing intensity to the point where the Republicans and their media affiliates tell huge lies about almost everything, almost all of the time.  It does not inspire confidence.

At least Snowden’s disclosures and the police overreaction in Ferguson are raising concern about some of these issues.

I have little hope for Rubio unless he grows a pair.

If there’s any hope from that side it’s from Rand Paul who is a libertarian.  If he figures out where things are going he’ll turn on them.  


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