Good News For Penn State Football

Good News For Penn State Football –

How about the $60 million go towards sexual assault programs, including law enforcement.

Sure Sandusky was one of the worst but the attitude of colleges to sexual assault generally is cavalier and that’s an irony here, all the places that have been brazenly brushing those tragedies under the rug without any serious consequences. 

The Sandusky situation was a probably inevitable extension of college officials everywhere, not just Penn State, that have taken a similar approach to sexual assaults on women for decades.

In such an environment, with high enough stakes, somebody under pressure was going to decide they had no standards, no uncrossable lines at all.  Penn State happened to be the place where those factors converged.

That they failed that test of character is on those responsible at Penn State. 

That a culture evolved everywhere, where what Penn State did was one little baby step from how everybody was handling sexual assault issues, a culture which made Penn State’s errors more likely to happen somewhere, that’s on everybody.


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