East Ukraine Will Get More Autonomy, President Says

East Ukraine Will Get More Autonomy, President Says – http://huff.to/WSM1P2

Putin probably does wish the ruckus would stop.

The EU and IMF will require punitive measures of Ukraine in return for debt refinancing and their social programs and pensions will be eviscerated, they’ll be forced to privatize any state enterprise that can be turned to profit at fire sale prices and forced to sign agreements that will prevent the government from protecting the country from economic predation.

In other words, the same scam that has crushed the existing weaker EU members already.

Once Ukraine realizes they’ve been ripped off and that the purpose of the foreign backed coup was to loot the country, it will drive the whole of Ukraine back towards Putin.

The EU will self destruct on its own, he’s already won the endgame, so why have a war that may muddle the outcome and deflect blame for the economic catastrophy to come from the EU.


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