Misleading First Nations campaign needs to stop

With 1,000 Aboriginal Women Dead Or Missing, Canadians Ask #AmINext – http://huff.to/1CXiq81

There is no mystery to be solved.

The RCMP has already published the breakdown of these cases and 89% of the murders of First Nations women are solved in Canada vs. 90% for caucasian women.

The impression that is being irresponsibly spread by the media and advocacy groups that there are 1000 unsolved cases is demonstrably false.   They don’t say it outright, but constantly imply it.  When you say why is nothing being done, it does not suggest there has been a conviction.

The reserves are incredibly violent.  They also have much higher per capita policing levels than the rest of Canada.  So lots is being done, it’s just anything that goes against the narrative that nothing is being done, is dishonestly ignored.

This is tied to a small number of the cases, in BC and Alberta, where there was difficulty solving some of the cases due to serial killers operating in remote locations.

Two of those predators are out of the picture. One was convicted yesterday for the four cases proven to involve him.  Fowler, the other one, died in a US prison years ago.

Although it is speculative that there might be another such predator still out there, a large task force conntinues to look into cases going back 40 years.  But that doesn’t count, because nothing that goes against the narrative that nothing is being done is ever allowed to count.

In any event, those are a small number of the overall cases.

The bulk of the cases are much like the cases involving caucasian women.   They are not mysteries involving criminal masterminds with many victims.   The bulk of the cases are acts of brutal stupidity, impulsiveness or despair.  Most of the murders are in the home of the victim and a large majority are commited by somebody known to the victim.  Murders by stranger or with a sexual motive are a small percentagge of the total.

The main difference is that, with First Nations women, the number is much higher.

The investigations produce about the same results regardless of race.  BC has a lower clearance rate for cases with caucasian women as well, and that is likely a function of the isolation of many communities and the operation of serial killers.  If somebody is taken in a remote area by a stranger with no witnesses it is very difficult to solve.

The key issue is, why do First Nations men keep killing First Nations women, usually on reserves.  Why are we in a better position to assess that.   We don’t need an enquiry to know what is going on, that’s well established.

And how is misdirecting the public about the nature of the problem possibly going to help.


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