Need More Proof Being Gay Isn’t a Choice? Here It Is!

Need More Proof Being Gay Isn’t a Choice? Here It Is! –

Natural forces are at play in more than one way here.

Historically, before such things as surrogate pregancies, homosexuality would greatly diminish the odds of a continued genetic line.

For those with the same or related genes, natural selection pressure would favor those who could convince or pressure gay relations to go with the social norms in order to reproduce.

Exactly that scenario happens all the time.

From the point of view of natural selection, whether a course of action makes one happy is irrelevent unless it favors the survival of one’s genes.

So in terms of overcoming prejudice at the instinctual level, we should bear in mind that we are telling the bigots to overcome their instincts because gays are born with their instincts as well.

The bigots probably don’t understand why they are bigots any more than gays understand why they are gay.  It’s not the result of a decision.  It’s biological, a complex interaction of chemicals.

The asymmetry arises because it is none of our business how others arrange their lives.  But that is an ethical principle, not a biological one.


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