DIVISION DAY – http://huff.to/XIAt1f

The first vote in a long time where it matters what the outcome is.  In the UK as with the US, the same interests have taken over all viable political parties so that it is nearly impossible for anybody that would represent the onterests of the people to get elected, let alone enough of them to form a government.

See how it invigorates the population to have a real choice?  Elections in US and UK have been no more free, offered no more real choice, than as there had been in soviet Russia.  It’s corporate sovietism.  Putin allows the election of more real opposition. 

So good for the Scots to cobble enough resistance against this repulsive world order that strangles democracy, to have this vote.

I hope for the sake of all of us they succeed.  The US and UK keep going in the wrong direction faster and faster. 

In the US those representing traditional liberal principles in a public way seem to be limited to Sanders, Warren and sometimes Rand Paul, who vacillates on whether he’s libertarian or Borg.


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