Political correctness where we don’t need it

‘Deeply Disturbing’ Findings About Demographic Hardest Hit By Poverty – http://huff.to/XKMHXc

If 6% of the population is unemployed, does it really matter which 6%?

They’ll all suffer.  Their families will go hungry.   They may lose their homes.  If anything the disabled, because they are more likely to have had continuous unemployment, are less likely to have aggravating factors that make the situation worse due to a sudden drop in cash flow.

Some people who think they are progressive have decided that disabled people are inherently more valuable than people that aren’t disabled.

It’s an idiotic position and there’s nothing progressive about it.

The solution is to have a proper social safety net that protects everybody from dire circumstances, and doesn’t force people to go through hell to get benefits.

If changes have to be made to a workplace to accommodate a disabled person, that is another way of saying that there is a bona fide, non-discriminatory reason not to hire him.

That choice is rarely binary, hire him or not hire him.  Presumably others will apply.
They have needs and feelings to.

Unfortunately there seems to be something about the psychology of disability that often leads to a form of narcissism and entitlement.  I have no patience for that.  Having people jump through hoops to show people with personality disorders that they are special may be the right wing’s dystopian vision but it has no business on the left.

An article in essence lamenting that more able bodied people aren’t out of work.  Do they not count?


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