Why Scotland’s Leading Historian Changed His Mind On Independence

Why Scotland’s Leading Historian Changed His Mind On Independence – http://huff.to/XFxuXh

Quite understandable.   Generally people crave certainty and stability and there are good reasons for that.

However, when the”safe” play is a sure loss it becomes irrational.

So strategically I still have to agree with the decision of McCain to run with Palin in 2008 against Obama.  If he made a conventional choice his campaign was over, although he might lose more respectably.  He had to go with Palin or Jindal to have a chance and for various reasons Palin was more appropriate at the time.

Bridge players I’ve heard call this playinng for a swing.  If they get behind the leader in a tournament there comes a point where they need to take greater risks, because if they make exactly the same play he’ll likely make, they won’t close the gap. 

Throwing the dice and seeing what happens beats a slow death by suffocation from the lack of political diversity in the UK generally, and the commitment of all major UK parties to the same world order and policies that don’t work.


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