Federal Bridgegate Investigation Finds No Link To Christie: Report

Federal Bridgegate Investigation Finds No Link To Christie: Report – http://huff.to/1r3F5KR

It’s a quasi-criminal investigation, suspicion and innuendo aren’t going to cut it.

I also have doubts, I have to wonder if some Republicans decided to torpedo their 2016 frontrunner because he was too centrist and was his own man rather than repeating the same inane talking points.

The question would be though whether it would be the fringe right or establishment neocons.  The motives would be different.  The neocon establishment probably want Hillary Clinton.   She’s a democrat but she’s always backed the neocon agenda when push comes to shove.   They don’t really care who is in power or abortion or gay marriage, it just doesn’t affect their bottom line that much. 

Look at the backing of the Iraq war.  Clinton’s a top lawyer, not some Tea Party high school dropout. She would have spotted how flimsy the case was for war in about five minutes -Hans Blix connected the dots for everybody before it even started.

So, she followed instructions against personal long term interest, risking that her career would go down in flames.  She’s shown loyalty, it’s not going to matter she’s a Democrat.

I figure the Christie situation is more likely the neocons.  The banjo crowd don’t usually show that finesse. 

I note that while a smokescreen of a bunch of allegations happened at the same time, it looks like the rest have disappeared, unsupported by the evidence.

Just because the persons implicated are Republicans doesn’t mean their primary loyalty is to Christie. 

The whole point of dirty tricks when they are done is normally that nobody can prove anything. 

So closing down most of the busiest bridge in the country is what an amateur would do, or somebody trying to get caught.

It also has no connection with the supposed motive, damaging a mayor that wouldn’t endorse Christie.  If anything it gives a chance for him to show off by standing up to the state.

It shows how easy it is for the establishment to scuttle anybody that’s not seen as a team player.  Christie’s now a longer shot and he had nothing to do with it.  Reminds me of Gary Hart, Howard Dean.  A lot of times the best candidate doesn’t even make it through the primary.


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