Michele Bachmann: Gay Marriage Is ‘Not An Issue… In Fact, It’s Boring’

Michele Bachmann: Gay Marriage Is ‘Not An Issue… In Fact, It’s Boring’ – http://huff.to/1rA5H6G

Are things turning the corner here?

In a liberal democracy the issue isn’t whether you disagree with something, it’s whether it’s any of your business.

I suspect that the gay movement will find that they don’t get what they want out of gay marriage, and to go from a free state to embracing what has often been an oppressive institution, that straight people increasingly find doesn’t meet their needs, and allow increased state intrusion into their personal affairs, has as many down sides as up sides.

But that’s their business. 

I strongly disapprove of religious organizations like those Bachman is affiliated with, but I wouldn’t dream of having the state interfere in their right to congregate for their hate-filled monologues, as long as they don’t cross the line into advocating actual harm.

There is a certain irony when “tea party” types take hard line positions against rights.  Isn’t it your position that the state should butt out of people’s lives? 


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