Actually the new phone locks out Apple, not NSA, but it’s still useful.

Massive fishing expeditions covering a large range of people for either frivolous or illegal reasons will be less practical.

Such devices are increasingly an extension of the mind and thoughts of the user. My basic thought there is if law enforcement can’t make their case without the forced assistance of the accused, shoo.

The current FBI director’s thoughts and approach are wholly inappropriate for even a beat cop.  He should be fired.  The FBI under his watch a greater threat than any terrorist organization.  That is not unusual, for most of history, one’s own state has been the greatest threat to one’s life and liberty and the shift away from that as the world paradigm from about 1945-1981 was quite brief, never complete, and steadily eroded since that period in the west although some places in the east continued to move forward. 
When the FBI runs a brazen black op against a sittingg director of the CIA, who had not been accused of any offense over which the FBI has jurisdiction, we have a serious problem

Using some far fetched scenario, much like the Bush administration based it’s torture policy on the TV series 24, to justify acting unethically shows a consciousness of guilt, much like an accused trying to give some ridiculously convoluted explanation when caught red handed at the scene of a crime.

While terrorism is the bogeyman usually invoked we know in practice these methods have been used with little effect on terrorism but to great effect for clearly illegal acts of industrial and political espionage, often on allies who will not be bombing us in the near future.

We don’t need somebody at the head of the FBI who thinks he’s running the KGB or GRU.  Fire him.

For any case with actual merit, the NSA should be able to crack the phone in a couple of days, or end run it by sending a trojan.

But that would mean restricting such activity to the cases that actually have merit and probably getting court orders.

It would also help block information laundering, where the agency probably already knows what is on the phone via methods that will never hold up in court and uses a third party to clean the information so it can be used.


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