Hong Kong protesters screw up

All Eyes On China’s Leadership As Hong Kong Erupts – http://huff.to/YDiHge

Big mistake.

Russia and China diverged with Tian. Square. 

China went on to prosperity and Russia went on to years of stagnation and anarchy.

Push too hard and you set back rights 20 years.

The progress to date was unimaginable 40 years ago.  Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

If the Chinese are left to chose between imposing order and tolerating anarchy it’s going to be a really simple decision.

The western provocateurs deliberately destabilizing China as they have done elsewhere are just going to get people killed and get the goverment to clamp down instead of open up.

Keep things open and in time they will relax controls.

It’s not like we really have political choice in the west, corporate sellout A vs corporate sellout B.  Any politician on either side that doesn’t agree to sell out is destroyed by the corporate media.  Imagine if Hart, Dean and Christie got elected president, what a better world we’d probably be in.

We aren’t free, if the same multinationals take over in China they won’t be liberators, they’ll just rob the place like they’ve done everywhere else. 


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