Man Convicted Of Double Murder In Landmark Case Released From Prison

Man Convicted Of Double Murder In Landmark Case Released From Prison –

It’s interesting that the same sort of tricks for conviction are routinely used by police and prosecutors with them stating that they are reliable when they do it. Not that I condone what’s claimed if true.

However, there is something wrong where there is far greater leeway for trickery to show guilt than to undermine the prosecution.


Why Are So Many Women Ignoring Heart Attack Symptoms?

Why Are So Many Women Ignoring Heart Attack Symptoms? –

It’s partly the media and Hollywood effect. 

Heart attack in Hollywood is a man’s death, hardly ever happens to a woman.

Conversely the cliche non-violent death for women is breast cancer, which probably raises concern above the real risk.

Heart attack kills more women than breast cancer but you don’t hear nearly as much about it.

Nurse Defies Ebola Quarantine, Goes For Bike Ride

Nurse Defies Ebola Quarantine, Goes For Bike Ride –

Also we need to have a judge slapping down these arrogant doctors and nurses saying there’s no medical evidence. 

The medical evidence is an up to 21 day incubation period.  The initial symptoms seem consistent with a variety of illnesses so a person may go around contagious for a while.  During the incubation period, a person might not be contagious, which means if true no serum levels to detect.

Those are the medical facts.

They contradict those who keep repeating the bumper sticker slogan that there is not science behind the quarantines. 

Those imposing the quarantines are actually basing them on what is known.

The people that are saying that are doing a Republican act by saying science isn’t science based are a hazard.

The idea that risk needs to be proven ahead of time defeats the whle concept of quarantine.

The arrogance of doctors and nurses and their contempt as a group for the values they are supposed to hold are notorious.

Why is medical negligence one of the leading causes of death in the US?  Because doctors and especially nurses don’t care.  I worked for five years in a hospital and I’ve seen it.  Some are ok but most nurses are arrogant and callous.

Nurse Defies Ebola Quarantine, Goes For Bike Ride

Nurse Defies Ebola Quarantine, Goes For Bike Ride –

Well she has to be made an example of.  Arrest her, put her in an isolation ward under lock and key and charge the maximum number of offenses and seek the maximum jail time.

If she has it and gets cut off while bike riding by a car and gets hurt, there could easily be a situation with exposure of others.

Financial ‘Experts’ No Better At Finance Than Normal Humans

Financial ‘Experts’ No Better At Finance Than Normal Humans –

Some studies suggest that past a point more information can cloud judgment.  

People’s judgments can start to deteriorate with further information but their confidence that they’re making the right decision keeps increasing.

Also modern investing increasingly mirrors performance of Martengale and similar betting strategies, an inverse lottery with lots of small wins bookended by catastrophic losses.


Here’s When It’s OK To Use The ‘R-Word’ In 1 Nifty Chart –

Eventually the euphamism becomes the prejorative and bigots always find a way to get their point across.

I’m not sure which is more annoying, bigots or idiots who think that playing stupid games with language accomplishes anything.



Polls are based on landlines usually.  The younger generations are likely to see those as redundant.