The Stupidity of the ‘Smart Gene’

The Stupidity of the ‘Smart Gene’ –

I have read that, when two star racehorses are bred, their offspring tend to be weak.

The most robust genetic solutions have generally been thought to involve mixing lots and lots of genes.  A small gene pool is potentially weaker.

The notion of super genes tends to go against that school of thought.

Probably, there are a number of synergy points with an optimal balance for certain types of intelligence. 

Some of these genes will likely work in ways that are not obvious. 

For example, intelligence requires the use of a lot of energy and nutrients.

So genes that affect digestive enzymes probably have an effect on intelligence, as well as genes to do with circulation and absorbtion of nutrients in the intestine.

The presence of contaminants can make people foggy, so genes for the organs that filter contaminants such as kidneys and liver will likely affect intelligence.

If people get too hot they get foggy, so genes that affect sweat glands and temperature regulation will likely affect intelligence.

Which isn’t to say that anything that improves health improves intelligence.

The more natural energy a person has, making it difficult to sit still, the more difficulty focusing on class. 

A lot of the more gifted people have health problems or at any rate are not physically robust.  Their intellects are their competitive advantage, it’s where they get rewarded so that’s what they focus on.

At any rate I think the focus of the study is wrong, they should be looking at the top end, e.g. nobel scholars and top scholars, and seeing if they have any statistically interesting correlations. 

But it should be done as an information dump- put all gene information in and have a supercomputer crunch the correlations with no preconceptions.   For all we know the most important gene could be associated with the pancreas.


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