Fox News Hosts Feud Over ”Playing The Race Card’ In Ebola Patient’s Death

Fox News Hosts Feud Over ”Playing The Race Card’ In Ebola Patient’s Death –

Ebola is a bat virus that has nasty effects on other hosts, but usually burns out after crossing over, leaving no adaptation.

Ebola historically is weak for transmission, controlled by the simplest sanitation precautions.

We are seeing new things with this virus.  People that know to take precautions are getting it without knowing how.  At the least it sounds like a more easily transmissible strain, maybe the slightest surface transfer can be enough.

So anybody that didn’t follow the latest news on it would probably be dismissive of any concerns.  The old Ebola doesn’t infect people that are taking precautions.

I think Ebola has already mutated.  People that knew how to handle it are dropping like flies.  We’ve been served.

Any suspected Ebola needs to be dealt with in a level 4 biohazard facility.  Until we know what’s going on, having Ebola patients around large numbers of people with compromised immune systems at a normal hospital is a bad idea.  


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