Nurse Accused Of Killing 38 Patients She Found Annoying

Nurse Accused Of Killing 38 Patients She Found Annoying –

Are they trying to outdo the French case where a hospital worker was charged and convicted with 7 murders, later released on appeal because there was no evidence that a crime had been committed by anyone in any of the cases?

Anybody that works in a hospital for any length of time will be on duty at the same time as dozens and dozens of deaths.

Also like the nurse Nelles case in Canada where none of the babies had been killed by anybody.

One tasteless photo is an awfully speculative basis for overruling, without evidence, dozens of findings of death by natural causes.

An inherently unfalsifiable suggestion – something that leaves the bloodstream- is not a sound basis for charges because the very premise is that there will never be any evidence.  It should fall to a “no evidence” motion.

An accused should not have to prove a negative.  A prosecution should not proceed without evidence.


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