Judicial elections

“The Supreme Court Is Poised To Make Judicial Elections Even More Corrupt “- http://huff.to/1sVEZXN

While the idea of electing judges is the worst idea in the history of the United States, having made that decision, the US should ensure fairness in the process.

One of the elements of fairness is that those without the good sense to be born with money are able to raise it.

So I have to disagree with those against people raising money for the same reason that I’m against the prosecution of Christine O’Donnell for supposedly living off campaign proceeds.

It is unconscionable and despicable that the US goes to great lengths to make it de facto illegal for anybody that isn’t independently wealthy to hold elected office.

That is undemocratic.

A one sided diet of people that have never wanted for anything cannot understand the people and cannot rule with compassion.


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