Silent Ebola Infections Could Be Key to Controlling Outbreak

Silent Ebola Infections Could Be Key to Controlling Outbreak –

I would put this as close to the highest priority.

Think Ender’s Game tactics.  You’re about to be hit with overwhelming force you can’t withstand.  The only play is to go for the knockout.  Don’t think about expectations if that commits you to guaranteed loss.  Figure out what a win looks like and do it.

The author has missed what I suspect is a deeper issue, that Ebola didn’t fall on us as a biblical plague, a complicated structure from nothing.

Odds are Africa has been dealing with it for centuries or longer.

That tends to produce native resistance through natural selection. 

With 50% plus mortality rates with MODERN medicine, one can imagine that as a rather strong forcing factor in natural selection for populations with repeat exposure.

That might be the ultimate key, if as with malaria there is a resistance gene.

That possibility is also a warning, because the “r” value in a population with no historical exposure, and outcomes, are potentially worse.  Think Native Americans and smallpox.


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