Flight ban issues

“Vulnerable Democrat Freaks Out Over Ebola, Calls For Temporary Flight Ban” – http://huff.to/1wjDaDT

On the exceedingly rare occasions when Republicans say something that makes sense, rejecting it because of the source is insipid.

What is this with saying if there is a ban then we keep out aid and health workers.

It would just be a rule, not a Commandment, and our rule.  We can tailor it any way we want. We can decide it doesn’t apply to aid and health workers.  We could decide it applies to all but aid and health workers and midgets. 

It’s fairly disingenous criticism, the solutions are obvious, implied by perceived problems, and just take a minute to type in.

Blocking direct flights is a discouraging factor.  If you are worried that punishing people for doing end runs will impair communication, then don’t do it. 

In any event that’s an entirely distinct issue.  Banning direct flights for people that are not essential will tend to slow down and discourage back and forth travel.

Think of putting impediments to non-residential travel in city neighbourhoods.  It does discourage through traffic without preventing it.

Additional cost of detours may be a factor.  It also gives some lag time for symptoms to develop.  If other countries do the same, it will reduce the volume of people leaving the hot zone.

We also need to start this debate early because it looks like restrictions will be needed at some point.

Even if this epidemic gets under control, we should be using it as a dry run.

This will happen, if not Ebola, something else. We will have to make those decisions. 

Of major threats, this has the tightest time frame.  Supervolcanos and major meteor strikes with planetwide consequences are rare.  Major earthquakes are more common but localized.  Devastating epidemics happen every one or two hundred years historically and we should be concerned that with larger, more interconnected populations, there is greater opportunity for mutation and greater opportunity for rapid contagion.

The 1918 flu killed up to sixty million in a world that wasn’t as well connected and had what, under 2 billion people?

So pro-rata that’s something like 200 million today.

That’s with a mortality rate under 5%.

At some point we are going to be in a position where the right calls will save millions of lives.

We aren’t going to know if we dodged a bullet with the mistakes in Dallas, for a couple of weeks.  If this isn’t the real deal we still needed the wakeup call. 

Sooner or later we’re going to get hit and while that is inevitable, with proper handling risks can be mitigated.


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