Rachel Maddow Is Really, Really Annoyed With Democrats

Rachel Maddow Is Really, Really Annoyed With Democrats – http://huff.to/1rImEXE

The democrats have been told by their handlers for years to pull their punches when dealing with the party of crime and false witness, or else.  They’ve been told to throw the fight and any politician that doesn’t follow instructions gets torpedoed. 

I have to wonder if they’ve been told to denounce any measures to control Ebola’s spread too, that issue has gone upside down with the Republicans making sense and the Democrats looking incoherent.

CDC/WHO are bug guys, not sociologists.  When they talk about how groups of people will respond to untested scenarios they have no particular advantage in expertise.

Also when they miss solutions as obvious as allowing health and aid workers through, addressing all of their concerns about quarantine, it tells me that nobody even discussed it around a table for five minutes.  On that issue they aren’t even spitballing, it’s a purely emotive response.

I listen to those with expertise in their area of expertise, and in areas that they don’t have expertise, they’re just throwing their two bits in and kabitzing and shouldn’t be given deference.

So there is this weird situation where the moderates are only interested in the opinions of public health officials in areas that they have no ability and in fact are talking out of the wrong orifice.

So world renowned Phd’s in microbiology talking about microbiology is “hysteria”, but lab geeks that probably never had a date holding forth on complex human interactions that they never studied is somehow perfectly reliable. 


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