Paranoia Has Deep Roots In American Politics

Paranoia Has Deep Roots In American Politics –

Part of the problem is that there are so many real conspiracies in US history that it becomes too easy to believe spurious ones.

The two Kennedy assassinations were not just lone gunmen, but what they were beyond that is unclear.

The vietnam war was started and continued on false pretexts, even if it was necessary.

Since Eisenhower warned of the military-industrial complex it has continued to act in an openly treasonous manner against national interest while subverting democracy in order to advance its’ interests at the expense of everybody else.

The US government has notoriously had a consistent program of trying to bring down any government that won’t obey the US government or that won’t obey US corporations.  That includes bringing down democracies and replacing them with brutal dictatorships.

A complete investigation of 9/11 has never occurred.  There are many loose ends, such as the huge trade volumes anticipating the towers going down and who was behind that, no satisfactory explanation for why tower 7 went down or why it would be anticipated to go down when it did, when it is the only hi-rise that wasn’t hit by a plane to ever do that.  If, as a later report suggested, it was a fluke accident, what was with the precision timing where people were warned to get out because it was coming down, right before it did.

Before the towers were hit, the first anthrax letters carrying US government anthrax were sent to US citizens, in order to create a pretext for a war on Iraq, obviously intended to coincide with the towers going down.  But the first letter was mailed a few days before the towers were hit. 

Then after it was discovered the anthrax was traceable, world class microbiologists started dropping like flies in bizarre circumstances.

Then there was the Iraq war, caused by a criminal conspiracy against both the people of Iraq and the American people.

Then there is the irony that the tea party, which spreads a lot of spurious conspiracy theories, is itself a conspiracy against the American people.

The paranoia in the US isn’t so much excessive as it is misdirected. You don’t need to go all X-files on the subject.  Most of it is institutionalized.   We even allow some types of conspirators to be licensed as “lobbiests”- people whose job it is mostly to convince politicians to vote against the interests of their constituents in return for campaign contributions and other favors.

Often, as with McCarthy and today’s right wing, a real conspiracy contrives invented ones as a justification for misconduct.

Of course at least one conspiracy was for the good guys, the one leading to the declaration of independence, an act of treason.

Yes there’s a lot of nonsense but if you take conspiracy out of US history there’s not much left.


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