Mike Huckabee Is Making Moves

Mike Huckabee Is Making Moves – http://huff.to/1FIyaNG

Why so little attention to Huckabee? Former second place finishers often get the republican nomination and he is a far more logical choice than the despicable Santorium.

The issue is the right wing controls the press and is trying to control politics as well.  It’s cheaper to pay somebody like Huckabee to stay on the sidelines and it’s also an offer he might accept. 

Huckabee may be right wing, but he does have some principles.

That’s not what the movers and shakers want.  They don’t want a politician, of any stripe, that has his own agenda or even has a spine.

Their ideal is somebody like Bush Junior, somebody that would bomb his own mother if that’s what he was told to do.

I don’t agree with Huckabee on much but I suspect he’s honorable.  Most interest groups don’t want somebody like him anywhere near the White House.

So that’s why the media spends so much time on schmucks like Rubio who could never compete with Huckabee.  Focus on Huckabee and he might get too much momentum.


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