One Of The NSA’s Staunchest Critics Is On The Brink Of Losing

One Of The NSA’s Staunchest Critics Is On The Brink Of Losing –

Wonder who is threatening Udall to keep him mute on the issue.  It should be a winning issue in Colorado, why isn’t he running on it.  After the marijuana referendum I wouldn’t expect the current voters to favor putting national security in the hands of lunatics.  Obviously somebody’s told him to shut up, with enough clout or leverage that he is.

That’s a general problem, which adds to the concern about the NSA constantly collecting information that is useless for fighting terrorism and with the only practical use being for controlling and blackmailing citizens including politicians that don’t agree with the right wing agenda.

Look at the sting set up with Petraeus including warrantless searches when there was no suggestion of a crime to look into.  In that case it was the FBI apparently trying to turn the head of another agency into an asset via blackmail.  If he agreed to be a pet instead of stepping down we probably never would have heard of the affair, and although the FBI had known for months, it only came to a head when Petraeus was due to give testimony that would have sunk a republican conspiracy theory the next week.

So I don’t think this is a hypothetical for abuse, I think it’s already happening, including illegal surveillance used for extortion of political figures. 


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