Jimmy Carter Flip-Flops On Nationwide Same-Sex Marriage

Jimmy Carter Flip-Flops On Nationwide Same-Sex Marriage – http://huff.to/1svsPir

All sides on this issue are perplexing.  What gays want most, acceptance, can’t be legislated or awarded by a marriage registry.

The modern form of straight marriage is really an apostasy, church and state have arrogated the right to control marriage and divorce, not just the corollary rights.   In biblical times the key act was the sexual act, being taken unto wife as it was quaintly referred to. 

So whether gays are already married in the eyes of whatever god there might be is something that churches and governments do not have the power to grant or deny, or have any control over at all, nor can it be voted on.

So one practical solution is to say, register them as a practical matter.

There is on the other hand the irony that as more straight people are moving away from the modern form of marriage- although they may frankly be married under biblical rules regardless- while gays want to move towards it.

Gays seeking approval of the same institutions that have rejected them has something of the feel of a black man demanding to be let into the Klan and in that regard again what they are ultimately seeking cannot be legislated, not could it even be compelled at gunpoint. 

The economic rights can be separated, but that wasn’t enough.  The ceremony only gives social acceptance to those that accept the legitimacy, and for those that do accept it, a ceremony without the support of some civil registry would be perfectly adequate.

I can’t see any reason to oppose it but I expect that proponents of gay marriage will be disappointed in the result.

What Carter suggests may actually move things further in the long run. 

It’s demographically inevitable that they will have the right to marry, an enormous amount of young republicans are in favor.

However now that there is momentum, easing up the pressure may reduce the pushback as the hostile factions are becomming more extreme and entrenched.

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