Canada Imposes Visa Ban On Ebola-Hit Nations

Canada Imposes Visa Ban On Ebola-Hit Nations –

Not sure what the NDP resistence is about. 

The US Democrat position that blocking visa students will block medical professions continues to be nonsensical and the NDP, which is far more cerebral, would do well to avoid a knee-jerk acceptance of Democrat demagogery.

Leave demagogues to the right wing, their natural home.

Also listen to expertise, not to spin by experts.

Separate policy positions from expertise.  An expert’s opinions about what decisions should be made on the basis of their findings of fact aren’t necessarily better than anybody else’s, particularly when there is a lack of precedent.

WHO has said Ebola is the greatest health crisis of our time, and the death rate for new cases is 70%.

Those are facts, or the closest to facts that we have.
It’s a numbers game, the more people you let through the greater chance of an outbreak.   Preventing unnecessary travel is thus important.  Blocking visas or certain passports avoids the problem of backtracking who has been where and concerns that people would obfuscate and make problems worse.  The solution is tailored to the problem.

The idea that we should allow Ebola here because to not do so or preventing people from coming here will cause panic, is so asinine I have to wonder if the true motive is to have outbreaks in western countries so that there will be panic and the problem will finally be taken seriously.

It’s a numbers game, as long as there is large scale international travel people will get through, and the greater the travel from affected areas, the more chances for outbreak.  Regardless of measures people will get through.

It’s a reverse lottery, how many scratch and lose tickets do we want to play, and for what price. 


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