How The ‘Cult Of Speed’ Is Damaging Creative Culture

How The ‘Cult Of Speed’ Is Damaging Creative Culture –

The brain overall is more powerful than the top super computer, the conscious portion is less powerful than a pocket calculator.

However the unconscious portion does more crunching of problems while we aren’t thinking about them.  So sleeping on decisions for instance tends to improve decision quality.

We’re designed to make decisions, especially important ones, slowly.  That’s why IQ doesn’t matter much and in some cases can be an impediment.  It’s a measure of making unconsidered conventional choices as fast as possible.  For anything important that decision making process is the last thing you want somebody to do, unless it’s an adversary. 

Our basic brain functions have not changed to meet this fascination with speed.   So the faster this culture goes the worse decisions we’ll probably make.

As for art of all kinds, well, in music for instance the Beatles or Zepplin would have more trouble starting out.  They’d get the same marching orders as Taylor Swift, we want every song and every album to sound about the same.  Get one hit and, we want everything to sound like that.


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