Kissinger: Putin Is Not Stalin

Kissinger: Putin Is Not Stalin –

At least some common sense there.

Among other things, Putin is not remotely communist.  He has a flat tax that US corporations would envy.  He was Yeltsin’s right hand, which given his KGB role probably means he had more to do with bringing down communism than we will ever know.

Putin also is territorial rather than expansionist.  He’s not looking to do something like export Marxist revolution worldwide.  He just wants us to bugger off and stay off his turf.

US interests and others want to turn Russia into a vassal state with a puppet in charge, as they aim for in every country.  The interest in pushing out Putin is about robbing the Russians, not making a better life for them. 

Sanctions are almost always counterproductive, and rarely about what they are allegedly about.  The sanctions against Iran for instance are more likely about artificially propping up the price of oil, since early on US people took the position that regardless of what Iran did the sanctions would be in place for another ten years, and Iran is and has always been in total compliance with the non-proliferation treaty.

If the NPT is the accepted international standard, the US is acting as a rogue state in unilaterally rejecting it, particularly in this manner.

Probably the sanctions on Russia are aimed at that too in part, try to get some gas and oil off the markets.


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