The Upsides Of The Democrats’ Ass-Kicking

The Upsides Of The Democrats’ Ass-Kicking –

That the minimum wage increase passed where republicans won shows the size of the lost opportunity for democrats.

It’s along the lines of the “You only had one job!” Internet meme.

People vote democrat for protection from financial and other predators. 

The part where Obama is especially to blame is keeping gitmo open, destabilizing stable governments in for instance Libya and Syria, and protecting large bank buddies from criminal prosecution. 

We expected him to at least try, maybe try and fail, but at least try to stand up for decency.

Instead he’s mostly fought on behalf of the interests and policies we’d hoped he’d oppose.

And his congresspeople mostly backed him up.

Other than Warren, Sanders, Udall and maybe a few others, who are you and what did you do with the real  democrats?

Why would anybody that wouldn’t vote for Bush vote for democrats that are nearly identical.

The lesser of two evils only goes so far, if we play that game in eight years the democrats will be as whacko as the republicans will be even further down the rabbit hole than they are now.

I think the democrats have to be written off, they’ve got more republican moles running than real candidates.  There’s too much rot.  We need a new party.


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