Leaders Of China And Japan Hold Ice-Breaking Meeting

Leaders Of China And Japan Hold Ice-Breaking Meeting – http://huff.to/1tZDHLa

Probably the reason we haven’t been seeing the same sabre rattling is in part because the resource interests driving China’s aggression may be moot with current world overproduction. 

The only point to going after minor islands a couple of miles off the coasts of other countries, which was ridiculous, was to claim resource rights.

The inflated prices for fossil fuels led to a cycle of massive overproduction and further production, even if itself profitable, will undercut the value of existing projects.

Because gasoline goes stale it doesn’t take much of a shift to go from a market where buyers have to buy to a market where sellers have to sell, or come up with new storage solutions, but storage is only a stop-gap solution at best since unless what is stored is eventually sold, someone pays for it to sit there while it doesn’t make any money.

Because of the financial dynamics, say adding ten percent to world supply might drop world price a lot more than ten percent, so what’s the point in producing more, or fighting over the right to.


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