Man Who Claimed To Be ‘Delivered’ From Being Gay Insists Viral Testimony Is Legitimate

Man Who Claimed To Be ‘Delivered’ From Being Gay Insists Viral Testimony Is Legitimate –

It’s not like a virus to be innoculated against.

A real test of what effect, if any, these religious thing have on sexuality would be to look at the effect in brain scans.

That is, the brain reacts to imagery based on sexuality and shifting that is more difficult than staying on message.

This needs to be taken in the overall context of sexual denial generally.

That is, regardless of orientation, hardly anybody follows every sexual temptation and hardly anybody lacks urges that would be counterproductive to pursue.  Many people are physically monogamous, but whose mind is?

My expectation would be that the processes people use to suppress healthy sexual expression are the same or similar to the processes used to suppress counterproductive sexual expression.

Sometimes it will be effective in curbing behavior, sometimes not- straight people ruin their lives all the time when they can’t suppress urges.  That doesn’t mean they don’t have them if they do suppress urges.

It also doesn’t necessarily mean that people wind up with the mate they are most physically attracted to.   Straight people shut out straight sexual temptations all the time.

I suspect the truth for these “gay cure” cases is in the middle- scans will probably show a blunted reaction that gets disrupted in those who claim to be “cured”, and possibly a slightly higher response to sexuallity that is considered socially acceptable.

There will be I suspect similarities between the scans of such “successes” and the scans for people that are able to control their straight sexual activity, and probably similarities between those who don’t take to these “cures” and those who break up marriages through cheating.

It’s a bit like the old marshmellow test with kids, give them a marshmellow and tell them that if they don’t eat it for fifteen minutes, they get to have two marshmellows.

I think it’s not about gay or straight or wholly rewriting one’s brain, I think it’s about whether you’re a one marshmellow or two marshmellow person, or something analogous.  Something is more important than immediate gratification, and you can disrupt thoughts that won’t get you what you think is most important.  Of course that approach can be unhealthy too if it goes to the extent of denying too much.


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