Putin Denies He Fled G20 Summit Pressure

Putin Denies He Fled G20 Summit Pressure – http://huff.to/1qMqcta

Anybody that wants credibility in a negotiation has to be able to walk away.

Ukraine had been a democracy, until the elected government was overthrown by western sponsored terrorists.

Everything since then has been a farce, including the supposedly democratic elections. 

Howw can it be effectively democratic when only one side will be allowed to prevail and everybody knows it.

If it were fair they could have let the constitutional election stand.

After the leaders of the legitimate government are driven out of the country, beaten up or arrested, how can they effectively run an election campaign, and given the last election hadn’t been respected, they’d have no reason to expect that a win by them in later elections would be respected either.

Also the terrorists had been intimidating the media, which makes impartial reporting difficult.

And all this was for the purpose of getting Ukraine into the EU, which will destroy the Ukraine as it has destroyed similarly weak countries that have joined the EU, for the same reasons.  Economics isn’t going to disappear in a puff of smoke because that conveniences somebody’s ideology.


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