Myths About Transition Regrets

Myths About Transition Regrets –

There’s a conflation here.  No doubt the trans people are sincere in their feelings but what they believe is as a matter of science literally false.  Even after an operation every cell of their body will have their original sex chromosomes.

The flip side is those that oppose them are going down their own rabbit hole. 

People that imagine they are the other sex are wrong, but their is a biological basis for those feelings which is too complicated to get into here.  But that biological basis doesn’t make a Y chromosome appear or disappear in a puff of smoke.

If people have the means to indulge their fantasy it’s none of our business, but we shouldn’t have to contribute to that any more than we should have to indulge the peculiar fantasies of the religious right.

It’s a free world, do whatever you want, respect the right of the rest of us to not participate.


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