Torture Report May Endanger Overseas Personnel, Ex-CIA Director Claims

Torture Report May Endanger Overseas Personnel, Ex-CIA Director Claims –

Even if it does, at what point do we break the addiction to lies.  The whole sordid business came from layers of lies. 

In a lot of cases people were sent to Gitmo because locals turned them in, without evidence, in return for a reward equal to a year’s salary.

It’s unlikely anybody so turned in was a terrorist as for a remote village to antagonize actual terrorists would be suicidal.
Probably in some cases actual terrorists got such rewards given the lack of controls.  Just like the ones posing for pictures with McCain when he went to Syria it would have been hard for them to resist.  Play the enemy to his face, it shows cahones.

In any event, it seemed more important to produce warm bodies to torture than to actually accomplish anything.  It didn’t matter who they were, or whether there was any realistic prospect they had information.

Given the depravity of the entire enterprise there is even a sickening possibility the choice of people that were probably innocent was deliberate.

If they viewed what they were doing as some kind of experiment, they needed a control group.  If one views it devoid of morality, they would want to know how somebody that doesn’t know anything responds.  Torture is notoriously unreliable and they couldn’t look for a distinction between guilt and innocence without a sizeable control group.

On that note, around half of the people sent to Gitmo had no credible connection to terrorism, about the size you’d expect for a control group.

If the outcry leads to pressure to prosecute the Bush officials responsible that would be a good thing.


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