Ex-NBC Employee Says Bill Cosby Paid Off Women

Ex-NBC Employee Says Bill Cosby Paid Off Women – http://huff.to/1rfiKXA

This actually tends to pull in the other direction from the other recent allegations.

One of the problems with sequential public disclosures is it violates the principle of separating witnesses.  When each person knows what everybody else has said before going on record it’s too easy.  They don’t even require actual collusion, all they need to do is read articles.

So we don’t know if the stories are the same because he had the same MO or because the witnesses were all contaminated.

To make it more confusing, witness contamination can be unconscious as well.  One of the reasons police separate witnesses is if they hear what others say it can alter their actual memories. 

I had a civil case once where witnesses that were trying to be honest, but witnesses that try to collaborate can come up with a synthesized narrative that doesn’t match the original observations of any of them, and it may fall apart under scrutiny.  So in that case they all seemed sincerely convinced of some (fortunately collateral) point that couldn’t possibly be true.

So that’s a warning- the more people come out with more facts after hearing what others say first, the greater the risk that somebody, possibly in good faith, is going to say something demonstrably false.

When that happens everybody that has come forward is going to take a hit.

Considering how much documentation is still out there about his schedule even decades ago there’s lots of room for mistakes.  Pick a date in a stretch where he was definitely across the country for 16 hour a day filming sessions, or worse when he was on stage or on camera, and the witness is done.  It’s really easy to get something like that wrong.

What’s going on here is really double edged, if he’s innocent, the chance to duplicate stories is a problem, if he’s guilty of most of it, the chance for everything to be derailed by one blunder is a problem.

The old friend’s friendship needs to be taken in the context that he was hoarding information to use against his friend, almost certainly with a financial motive, long before their friendship was over. 

So why aren’t the kept women that he put on radar raising the same allegations? If people resented him for being sleazy it raises another motive.  If there are hundreds out there I have to wonder, what percentage would make something up. 

This cluster of women he actually paid off, I’d have expected it to be worse, so the article is leaving me less sure about the other allegations.  


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