Ferguson Grand Jury Testimony Full Of Inconsistencies

Ferguson Grand Jury Testimony Full Of Inconsistencies – http://huff.to/1ryQJdR

The truth is it was a good shoot and people with other racially driven motives had to make something up because any white cop may be seen as guilty in that situation.

For a bunch of people to make something up consistent with each other and keep their story straight with the forensic evidence, which they hadn’t seen, is difficult.

The actions of the police after the shooting and the association of some of them with supremicist organization are a different issue and are reprehensible.

We cannot however convict Mr. Wilson because his colleagues for instance arrested reporters that were in a building and not rioting or doing anything wrong.

The policemen that abducted the reporters should be charged with abduction, with an aggravating factor of doing so while possessing firearms, a maximum sentence should be sought and they should serve their term in the general prison population.

There is no inconsistency in the evidence on that and no defence.  So charge it.

Wilson is another matter. 

There is an irony that those trying to destroy Wilson actually made effective prosecution of him impossible, even if he had been guilty.

One good witness can be far better than fifty bad ones.  To convict you need to convince a jury beyond a reasonable doubt.  The defense is going to be happy with a big mess that is hard to sort out.  The jury will probably decide they don’t believe anybody and just throw their hands in the air and give up.

I’m mystified why it would be this case that would get people going.

The deceased was a violent thug.

How about the case in New York where plainclothes officers fired on a car with a groom in it that was leaving from a club, for no reason, firing dozens of shots and killing the man, without even a credible reason for drawing weapons.

Or the case in California where a transit officer accosted a black man for no reason, arrested him for no reason, then shot him in the back while he was down, on video. He claimed he was reaching for a taser and grabbed the gun by accident and got manslaughter.  That was cut and dried murder, how can you get better than video.  That had some protests but this reaction should have been to that case.

There was another case where after a car chase and a suspect was cornered between police cars with no possibility of escape, an officer jumped on the hood of the vehicle and executed the unarmed suspect by firing a number of shots through the windshield.

There have been a few other cases where police officers have shot suspects with an apparent motive of preventing the suspect from going into custody, which makes one wonder why a police officer would think it safer to risk a murder charge than to allow a suspect to be interrogated.

Lots of cases smell to high heaven, why chose this one.

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