Here’s Why 9/11 Conspiracy Theories Still Thrive In America

Here’s Why 9/11 Conspiracy Theories Still Thrive In America –

Actually a big reason is there are too many big holes and loose ends that weren’t tied up.

Do a half-assed investigation and gloss over gaping flaws in logic and that leaves it for people to decide for themselves what it means, because there is no credible official story.

Before the planes hit, before they took off, some people took huge short positions on airlines.  Never heard what happened with that, the government seems to have dropped it although somebody made an enormous amount of money with foreknowledge of the attacks.

Tower 7, the only tower of its type to ever fall from fire alone.  The way it fell on video looks exactly the way a building falls in a controlled demolition. 

The analysis of the collapse claimed some novel failure of some support component.

However, minutes before Tower 7 collapsed, there was a call for all personel to get out because it was going to collapse.

When somebody knew when it would collapse, that is jarringly inconsistent with the later claim that it was some freak accident of a kind that couldn’t have been anticipated.   How did somebody know that something that had never happened before was going to happen right then?  We’re never told, we’re left to figure it out for ourselves.

Those are just the facts, that’s not even getting to any theory.

You’d expect a more credible investigation if somebody set fire to a doghouse.

I’ve just mentioned the two most glaring problems. 

Some of the other ones look weird but are ambiguous.  E.g. the Bush family and Bin Laden family had a history, but that history includes his eldest brother died while visiting the Bush family, which may show motive rather than conspiracy.

Getting into debatable facts just muddies things.

The point is, why is the focus on conspiracy theories rather than on the lack of a complete, internally consistent investigation.  It’s a deflection.  If you want to tie everything off with some complete official, credible explanation, we’re waiting, it’s only been 13 years.


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