Inside The Feud Between Rand Paul And John McCain

Inside The Feud Between Rand Paul And John McCain –

Have to agree with Rand Paul again on this one. 

The real serious presidential overreach has been, for many terms, the encroachment on congress’ sole authority to declare war.

Some ability to act without it is implied as commander in chief, but that should only be in situations analogous with the exigent circumstances where police might be required to act without first getting a warrant.

So yes, when ISIS emerged quite suddenly, initially speed was of the essence.

But excalating six months later without new exigent factors should be seen like conducting a warrantless search now because a warrantless search six months ago could have been justified.  The idea that it was impractical to go through formal channels no longer holds water.

On the odd route chosen to push this, that should be seen more as an indictment of the Byzantine rules of the Senate that make it difficult to get any matter of importance to the floor.


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