Disabilities issues

“The Government Must Do Better For Persons With Disabilities” – http://huff.to/1zpXvap

What should be done is better social programs for the poor generally, including higher minimum income, which also is good stimulus for the economy.  Money for welfare doesn’t go to into a black hole, it gets spent on food, clothing etc.

Discrimination because of irrelevant disabilities should of course be prohibited.

On the other hand I think discriminating in favour of people with disabilities on average is unconscionable and a waste of money.

Giving a job to somebody with a disability instead of somebody else just leaves somebody else without a job and all the baggage that goes with that.  It may even be worse, because most people aren’t going to blame a disabled person for not working.

Economics dictates some people will always be out of work and the able bodied people that are out of work face a stigma.  When six percent are always out of work that isn’t really fair.

We should be treating the poor better generally.


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