Matt Taibbi: I’m ‘Mortified And Sorry’ For Rolling Stone UVA Story

Matt Taibbi: I’m ‘Mortified And Sorry’ For Rolling Stone UVA Story –

We need to distinguish different types of claims in assessing credibility.

Self selection is a big one. 

Most rape claims are true but most rape victims are reluctant to come forward.

Sometimes they come forward later in a very public manner because another woman has been denounced unfairly, as with the Cosby case and with a similar case in Canada.

That motive rings true.

This Rolling Stone case on the other hand is a teachable moment.

We are trying to bring justice, not a witch hunt.

Every verifiable thing about the woman’s claims has been refuted.  This isn’t about the minor inconsistencies all witnesses have or the garbled order half of them have for anything over a year ago, this is about central parts of her narrative that are demonstrably false, the kind of things that honest witnesses almost never get garbled.

It doesn’t reflect on rape cases generally though, it reflects upon the class of people that claim to be too shy to come forward for criminal complaints or civil proceedings although the limitation period probably hasn’t expired, but aren’t too shy to have their story spread worldwide.

That’s a very small group and the psychological inconsistency is a red flag.

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