More dubious methodology

The White House Wants You To Know That Preschool Is Really Good For The Economy –

Remember, the point is to convince us that spending taxpayer’s money on business is good.

The whole thing is a fallacy.

It doesn’t follow that because some people will get ahead from a given start that if you give everybody the same start, everybody will be ahead.  If everybody is ahead, who is behind?

What actually happens when you educate everybody with a view to equalizing is what is already happening in Canada.

In Canada there are way too many university graduates and a shortage of skilled trades, which are sneered at.

Because there are too many university graduates the competition is too vicious- everbody is destroying everybody else’s bargaining position.

So the next approach to competing is unpaid “internships” that keep increasing in number and duration to the point where now half of graduates will take an unpaid “internship” (i.e. slavery, and technically illegal in most provinces).

The upshot of it is, this actually increases the advantage of the rich families, that can afford to subsidize a child that isn’t making any money.  That’s an advantage that can’t be overcome by merit in the same way as uneven academic backgrounds.

So the net effect is anything that everbody has confers no competitive advantage, and the net effect is to drive down wages while giving people with privileged backgrounds an even greater advantage, not very progressive at all.

Meanwhile there are people driving a truck or with a welding ticket getting paid to start the same salary as an established lawyer, with far less education, because blue collar jobs are disparaged.

Seriously, if you think it’s beneath you to earn higher than median income as starting salary, with good job security, with a few months training, give your head a shake.

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