Humorous anti-Trudeau article

“Why Canada Will Become a Dictatorship Under Trudeau” –

The truth is far more bleak.the right wing corporate press is behind Trudeau and that means that big business thinks Trudeau will make a more controllable puppet.

In Britain the right wing has taken over all three major parties, in the US both major parties.

In Canada, Harper and Flaherty resisted right wing economics and promoted stimulus instead during the recession, which is what normal, empirical economics recommends.

The fascist globalization movement has been gunning for Harper since then.  When Trudeau is their new golden boy who gets all the good press that does not inspire confidence.

Any dictatorial approach is likely to be about forcing the party to get behind the right wing globalist agenda rather than advancing his own.  He’d never be getting the softball press he usually does if he were expected to be advancing his own agenda.


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