Bee Experts Dismantle Touted ‘Harvard’ Neonics-Colony Collapse Disorder Study As ‘Activist Science’

Bee Experts Dismantle Touted ‘Harvard’ Neonics-Colony Collapse Disorder Study As ‘Activist Science’ –

This is one of those cases where both sides are wtong, at least in part.

On the environmentalist side there is this: environmentalist science is not a branch of moral philosophy.  It is not a polemic about the inherent evil of making money.  If scientific advances were inherently evil, the ideal would be that we’d still be living in caves.

It’s way off course and irrelevant.  The benefits of a discovery do not have an inverse correlation with their profitability and if anything over time there is a slight correlation where more beneficial discoveries are more profitable.

Conversely, the profitability of a discovery is not license to gloss over adverse findings.

We are conducting an uncontrolled experiment with thousands of chemicals released into the environment simultaneously with unknown and in combination, incalculable side effects.  It’s reckless and irresponsible.  Apart from effects on critters, sperm in semen samples are a third lower than a generation ago.  It’s chemicals, it will affect everything from respiration to the aquatic environment of the platypus.

Bees are an important focus, but not just them.  Other pollinating animals such as bats have taken a huge hit.

Pointing out that the die offs have not been replicated is unsatisfactory.  That is not an explanation.   The bee die offs have not been explained and could continue on a wider scale.

This should not focus on one industry and it should not be about blame to start. 

Just like with wrongful convictions, if we are in a race to hang one alleged perp the guilty party may go free to do it again.

This needs to be a rigourously, ruthlessly empirical agenda, and if the true culprit is a byproduct of something politically correct like solar panels so be it.  The only agenda has to be the truth. 


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