Grimes: Rand Paul Can’t Run For Senate And President In 2016

Grimes: Rand Paul Can’t Run For Senate And President In 2016 –

He’s a first term senator and he’s liked more than he’s trusted.

That is, almost everybody agrees with him on one thing or another and can see he’ll fight against the grain, but that doesn’t mean they see him as ready to lead the country.

He’s a natural VP pick and would probably get more out of this round as kingmaker.

Obama’s success shouldn’t be used as a map.  It was a special situation.  Hillary cleared out most of the opponents and he had a message we wanted to hear.  The effect of the first back man to have a real shot at the presidency can’t be overstated too.  Ten years ago I thought it couldn’t happen in my lifetime.

The media want Paul and Rubio to run but they need to remember the first rule of politics- the media is not your friend.  Forgetting why they are there has the same dangers as adopting a wild animal as a pet.

Managed right, Paul would have a long career but he needs patience and to avoid doing a face plant for the entertainment of the press.

A Christie-Paul ticket would be interesting although I think the fighting against them would be very dirty.  It might be seen as a ticket that is too independent minded for the taste of the establishment.

That would angle him to a better position in the long run without as much risk.


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