North Korea Calls For Joint Probe Into Sony Hacking

North Korea Calls For Joint Probe Into Sony Hacking –

China is missing the point.

It’s a Seth Rogen movie.  Of course it’s awful. If we ever become proud of a Seth Rogen movie we can mark that as the turning point in our civilization where we got consigned to the shit heap of history.

That’s irrelevant and off point.

North Korea has now engaged in an actual act of terrorism against the US, causing millions in resulting damages and threatened multiple 9/11 attacks against the US if they didn’t get to decide what US citizens see on US soil.

That’s a declaration of war.  As soon as the movie is screened, and it must be, the US and North Korea are at war, not figuratively, literally.  That was the ultimatum.

North Korea no longer parallels China politically in any way, they should see it as an embarassment, and it always was worse, only incrementally better than Pol Pot.  They need to be put down and China needs to get in front of that so they can declare victory when that government falls rather than it being a further embarrassment.

They should be mindful of Aesop’s fables about the asp and the scorpion and frog.   North Korea isgoing to make anybody that coddles the country regret it. 

It isn’t even real communism, it’s more like a bizzaro religious cult, it’s developing nuclear weapons and it will use them. 

Nobody, including China, can afford to wait for that.

This isn’t like Iran, Iraq, Syria and all the other places the US has “cried wolf” about over the years, it’s the real deal.


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