Person barred from opposite sex bathroom, politically correct whackos flip out

ACLU Files Complaint After School Bars Transgender Boy From Using Men’s Bathroom –

“Transgender” isn’t the same thing as homosexuality.  One is a sexuality, the other is a psychotic fantasy, no different than if somebody literally believes he’s a dolphin.

Acknowledging homosexuality is about respect.  Just like heterosexuality, as long as there are consenting adults, it’s none of our business.  Nobody is forced to participate.

“Transgender” is exactly the opposite.

It’s about forcing everybody around you to participate in your fantasy whether they agree or not.  It’s not seeking to be treated the same.

Look, I don’t care what you do on your own time.  Pretend you’re a cat if you want.  But don’t go to court and make somebody else change your litter.  It’s your stuff, keep us out of it and respect the rights of everybody else not to be bothered too.


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