Stonehenge Discovery Could Rewrite History

Stonehenge Discovery Could Rewrite History –

We could save a lot of re-writes if archeologists were reigned in.

Think if the same methods were applied by future archeologists to us what results would be.

Rule 1, every building is a tomb until proven otherwise

Rule 2, every building that isn’t a tomb is a religious site until proven otherwise

Those are the two main rules archeology seems to have, in order, the others have less clear order, such as if a dead body isn’t in a tomb it is presumed a human sacrifice, and if you find the remains of one fish that’s representative of the diet for a millenia.

So if future archeologists found a Walmart that got buried with a lot of stuff still inside, they’d probably say that was the tomb of some great king with lots of clothing and other things for the afterlife, if they found my apartment they’d conclude from all the sardines my fiance had me get and then didn’t eat that we lived exclsuvely on a diet of sardines,  if they found where the mice and small birds caught by my old mouser cat were buried they’d conclude we lived on a diet of mice and small birds, etc.

They’d probably think malls had some kind of religious function and maybe that’s not far off the truth.


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