Why Is James Holmes’ Trial So Delayed?

Why Is James Holmes’ Trial So Delayed? – http://huff.to/1wOblV9

Good points in the article, but I’d make another.

Sanity isn’t a yes or no thing in law, it’s typically about whether a person had specific capacities that are relevant to the context.

Holmes is complicated because the facts tend to pull in opposite directions.

He showed months of careful planning and premeditation on the one hand, showing if anything superior mental processes about the plan, and on the other, shooting a bunch of people in a theatre is batshit fricking crazy.

The central question is going to be, is it possible for somebody to be operating at a higher level than most people for some purposes but over the same period, be incapable of understanding the difference between right and wrong.

A further question we can’t answer without the reports is what he hoped to accomplish.  He was brilliant with a promising future somewhere, how did doing what he did advance any goal.

There could be some psychotic answer.

What I’d like to see is a brain scan, I’d like to know if there is right side brain damage, as that would be one plausible reason to have strategies that don’t make any sense executed perfectly.

Then there is his presentation, in every photo since arrest he looks nuts.

This may be close to the line.

The prosecution should make a deal so he’s gone for good, if he’s found insane that opens the door to maybe being out some day. 


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