Cuba Announcement ‘A Truly Historic Moment’

Cuba Announcement ‘A Truly Historic Moment’ –

Time to right this historic absurdity and mistake.

Considering all the dictators the US installed or tried to install in Latin America with far greater brutality the Cuba policy never made any sense.

Also sanctions almost always have the effect of propping up regimes.

Rubio says look at China, it hasn’t supposedly changed.

Really though the main difference with China now is that criticizing the CCP is not on.

There are considerable economic freedoms though.  They have billionaires, they have a lot of free market activity.  The CCP has gone from micromanaging practically everything to managing big picture issues.

The US is now effectively a one party system with people that are entirely Republican in views occupying almost every important post in the Democrats.

Few that have any interest in serving the people ever reach a ballot, the system is really good at shutting them out.

Really the big difference is that while in China political dissidents are railroaded, in the US that’s done on the basis of skin color.


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