Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Could Be Just 10 Years Away

Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Could Be Just 10 Years Away – http://huff.to/1wM4Hij

The key factors for rapid transport are increased drag and that the energy required to get to a velocity is proportionate to the square of the velocity.  

The latter is a law of physics so we’re stuck with it.

There may be ways to cut the drag down with an airtight tube depressurized, but that carries its own costs and engineering issues.

Another big question is what exactly this is supposed to achieve.

Other than speed, what does it do?  It caters to instant gratification but that isn’t a social value worth subsidizing. 

If business wants to spend money on things like next day couriers they can knock themselves out, but what’s the business case for moving the kind of volume that would be necessary to pay for super rapid transit at that cost.

If they do use a vacuum, sooner or later it will be breached and the safety tolerances have to allow for that. 

That is, if you do 800 mph in a vacuum, what happens when you hit air.  My guess is the sudden deceleration would be like hitting a wall at lower speed and then you get passenger pate.

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